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Those papers were first ranked highly by the reviewers, then selected by the Editors and Editor-in-Chief, further evaluated by the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal, and finally determined by the Best Paper Award Committee of the journal. This year the committee consisted of Prof. Athanasios Tzempelikos of the USA, Prof. Staf Roels of Belgium, and Prof. Taehoon Hong of South Korea. The awards were given to the papers for their originality, contributions to the field, quality of presentation, and soundness of the science.
These reports are reviewed by the committee liaison, the editor, and the executive editor/managing editor for content during the draft stage, and the editor and executive director/managing editor in the final form. The editor and the executive director/managing editor plan and schedule a Lead Article Lineup. The editor and executive director/managing editor plan a cycle of lead articles that are sponsored by the AIC specialty and network groups for four of the six issues per year. The editor will contact the chair of the assigned group at least two months prior to the article deadline in order to identify a topic and author. The production editor sends out reminders for newsletter issues in the next cycle of eight .
McCall called it a “compromise” but we wondered why they were even negotiating with taxpayer money. Last year McCall just said they wouldn’t entertain a voucher bill and that seemed to work great. This year, they came up with their own bills and told the Senate not to mess with them. The Observer was awarded the National Newspaper of the Year at the British Press Awards 2007.
Ciara leads efforts to further develop our multimedia offerings, and deepen our engagement with audiences across various channels and platforms. Tirana Hassan is a qualified social worker and lawyer who has spent the past two decades working with individuals and communities pursuing their rights and fighting for justice. Ms. Hassan took over from Ken Roth as acting Executive Director of Human Rights Watch in September 2022.
Make sure that you have all of your resources and references opened up or saved, too. Apply these observations to your editorial, and it will resonate with the target audience more. If you want to get accepted by an editor of a publication, your pitch better be really damn good.
After productive stints at an environmental charity and a fintech startup, Matt now joins The New Humanitarian to lead on marketing strategy and help bring more people into the TNH circle. Formerly Emergencies Director at Human Rights Watch, he was responsible for coordinating the organisation’s response to major wars and other human rights crises. Mr. Bouckaert was recently in the Central African Republic, where he has conducted investigations into ethnic cleansing and war crimes committed during the current civil war. Mr. Bouckaert is featured in the 2014 documentary film “E-Team,” which was premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.
It behooves political leaders to educate their supporters and partisans that violence has no place in our democracy and should not be encouraged by any side whether opposition or ruling party. I am convinced if there were no free press in our country we as citizens would know nothing of the workings of the elected, appointees, and the causes and policies they would or would not support. Fake news has nothing to do with Hep-A or homeless empowerment. Rather it has to do with political opinion, which may or may not be biased. It looks like the U-T is guilty of that bias, and not just for falling for the Boston Globe trick.
wugt news editorials prepares proposals and reports for prospective and current donors, identifies new funding opportunities, handles republication and partnership requests, keeps track of impact, and assists with editorial production. Our stories have directly instigated, influenced and informed action. The New Humanitarian’s reporting on the Yazidi healthcare crisis in 2018 prompted help from as far and wide as the UN migration agency, Doctors Without Borders, the International Medical Corps and British charity Swinfen Telemedicine. In 2016, we highlighted the humanitarian community’s lack of preparedness to respond to flows of people fleeing the battle against so-called Islamic State in Mosul, Iraq. As the trusted news source on humanitarian crises, we deliver the authentic, inside story. Our reporting gives insight to policymakers, practitioners, and others who want to make the world more humane.
Our coverage informs the work of those who seek to prevent or respond to humanitarian crises at local, national, or international levels. They include policy-makers, aid practitioners, researchers and educators. Working with on-the-ground correspondents in dozens of countries and analysts and editors with intimate knowledge of the sector, The New Humanitarian reports from the heart of humanitarian crises and global policy and donor hubs.
Disturbingly, a child younger than age 1 is likelier to be a victim of abuse in Indiana than in any other state, the Child Maltreatment report says. Out of every 1,000 infants, 65 were victims of abuse, according to the report. That number is more than 20 times higher than the state with the lowest infant abuse rate, Pennsylvania, and more than two-and-a-half times the national average of 25. Last year, a report from the federal Children’s Bureau found that for every 1,000 children in Indiana, 110 had been referred to child protective services in 2021.