12 Key Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business SEO Made Simple

Giving you ultimate value out of all of your traffic driving sources. Over 50% of our clients come to us with site migration and redesign SEO needs. Marketplace & Aggregator SEO We leverage big data and information architecture indexation strategies to maximize location, brand and product reach. One of the primary jobs of your website is to SPOON FEED Google with exactly what you do – and precisely where you do it. Your website also must have effective calls-to-action to encourage folks to take the action you want – is that a phone call or a form filled out?
The more you participate in the local community, the more digital PR you’ll receive. The acronym, NAP, stands for the name, address, and phone number of a business. Your NAP should be considered crawlable HTML text on your site for Google to display it better according to location-based search results. You’ve got to make it easy for people and search engines to find you, and to do this you have to set up your NAP.
Many local listings are free, so if you pay attention to local SEO tactics, it’s like getting free advertising. When you invest in good local SEO tactics, they are long-lasting. When done correctly, they can produce traffic and results that can give your business a boost. Once that’s done, within a couple of days you should see your business included on the ‘map pack’ that Google displays when users in your area enter a search for your type of service.
If you have customer reviews that reference a specific area that you serve, you can link directly to those as well. Also use images and other visual elements, each optimized for geo-specific local or hyper-local SEO. For enterprise marketers, the one activity that they would like more resources devoted to is review management (13.9%). Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website, web content, and third-party listings so that your company ranks well in local search engine results.
Very high-quality links from relevant local sites are difficult to obtain and the search for them never ends. This intensive, ongoing work will be reflected accordingly in the cost of local SEO. If you don’t have a store front or office, this solution is probably not right for you. We do have other solutions available for companies that are considered service area business, that don’t want their address published. Contact us for a free consultation to see what solutions we have available for your specific business.
People might not even know your business exists, so you need the power of Google on your side to get noticed. Learn how to optimize your Google Business Profile and show up first online with our latest guide. Local businesses can no longer ignore the importance of being found online.
It’s hard to strike the right mix of on-topic content, expertise, and location. Russ Jones shares his favorite white-hat technique using natural language generation to create local pages to your heart’s content. Through the “search and deliver” dynamic of SEO, nonprofit marketers have the opportunity to reach local audiences that indicate their interest and engagement through their search behaviors.
Whereas research carried out by Optinmonster in 2019 suggests that it does. You could spend all the time and money in the world optimising your off-site local SEO, but if your website doesn’t offer a great user experience, all that work will be pointless. The idea is to get your consistent NAP details as far across the web as possible.
I’m the inbound marketing director at On The Map Marketing, taking care of content marketing and SEO for our website. Previously I have helped numerous SaaS businesses with content and got my own website to over 50k monthly visitors. Finally, the local pack results saw a major shake up in December 2021 in the form of vicinity update.
The top three include featured snippets (25.6%), local packs (24.7%), and Google Business profile (23.9%) . Thirty-five percent of marketers strongly agree and 42% agree that Google is becoming the new homepage for local businesses . Then make it as easy as possible for them to follow through by sending a direct link to the platform you’d like them to review your business on. The final piece of step one is to choose the actual keywords you’ll optimize for. We suggest choosing keywords that get a decent amount of traffic (70+ searches a month) but aren’t so competitive that it will take a miracle to rank for them. First, brainstorm all the words and phrases your customers could use to describe your business.